21 Days of Worthiness Challenge

powered by The Worthy Healing Academy

Do you remember a time you were happy?

Perhaps it was the simple pleasure of swinging high on a playground, or being wrapped in a loved one's embrace, or even the exhilaration of landing that long-awaited promotion.

But what about those challenging moments? The times of transition, loneliness, or delayed purpose?

In those moments, we often find ourselves chasing validation from external sources, ignoring the transformative opportunities right in front of us due to our own self-doubt. Before long, we can feel lost—cut off from the person we once were, and the one we know God has crafted us to be. 

But, what if it only took 21 Days to get back?

Imagine a mere 21 days altering the course of your life.

In just three weeks, what if you could transform your mindset, elevate your confidence, and unlock a newfound sense of purpose and worthiness?

Step into a new level of influence, prosperity and inner-peace and learn to fully OWN the truth of your worthiness in the 21 Days of Worthiness Challenge:

21 Daily Emails

Receive daily spiritual lessons inspired by the book, Worthy: The Power of Wholeness by Shannon Evette

21 Daily Audios

Be inspired with daily Worthiness Healing & Activation audios narrated by Shannon Evette.

21 Daily Activations

Daily spiritual homework used to activate your power in the Holy Spirit.  Daily prayer points!

The Cost? A Commitment to Yourself.

Imagine investing in yourself without spending a dime. That's right – our 21 Days of Worthiness Challenge comes at no cost to you.

The only thing we ask is for your commitment to your own growth and worthiness.

Are you ready to make that commitment and embark on this transformative journey with us?

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